Spartan Club History

In 480 BC, three hundred Spartans stood in a rocky mountain pass at Thermopylae and for three days held off the mighty Persian army, allowing Greek forces to muster and eventually defeat the invaders. Three hundred warriors preserved the cradle of civilization. Three hundred Spartan Warriors made a difference.

The 173d Airborne Brigade Memorial Foundation needs the support of 300 warriors to preserve and maintain our Memorial that was dedicated in June 2010 at the National Infantry Museum campus near Fort Benning, Georgia.

The Memorial Foundation requires a minimum of $5,000.00 annually for basic maintenance costs (electricity, landscaping and irrigation). In addition to periodic costs of adding new information to the Memorial, funds will be required for maintenance, minor repairs, insurance and the Foundation’s administrative costs. To ensure perpetual care for the Memorial, the Foundation has established an endowment fund goal of $300,000, raised over ten years, in addition to annual donations received from other sources.

The Foundation is seeking 300 warriors willing to help preserve our legacy and maintain our memorial. This letter constitutes your invitation to become a member of the 173d Airborne Brigade Memorial Foundation’s Spartan’s Club.

We ask each Spartan Club Commander to pledge between $200.00 and $1,000.00 for each of the next ten years. We ask each Spartan Club Centurion to Pledge between $173.00 and $199.00 for the same period and each Spartan Club Lancer to pledge between $25.00 and $172.00 for a similar period. If the Spartans contribute an average of $100.00 each for the next ten years, the Foundation Endowment Fund will achieve its objective. Each Spartan Club member will receive periodic communications regarding events held at the Memorial, as well as receiving recognition in our annual programs and reports.

Two Hundred Spartans have come forward to ensure that the 173d Airborne Brigade National Memorial – Your Memorial – is maintained in a world class condition reflecting the pride and heritage of our Brigade. One hundred more Spartans are needed to round out our Club.

To ensure perpetual care for the Memorial, the Foundation established a Spartan Club endowment fund goal of a minimum of $300,000, raised over ten years. That primary goal has been reached! However, actuarial tables suggest that some from our ranks will fall before their ten-year pledges are complete and others will drop out because of personal challenges.

If One Hundred warriors will step forward and pledge $25.00 a year for ten years, the $25,000 cushion needed will be achieved. $25.00 a year – fifty cents a week – is that too much to ask?

As with the Spartans at Thermopylae, the burden of preserving our memorial and heritage is shared equally regardless of position, title and rank. Membership in the Spartan Club is open to all Sky Soldiers, their families, and military and patriotic organizations.

For more information send an email to Ken Smith. Checks may be mailed to the Memorial Foundation at 1160 Lake Royale, Louisburg NC 27549.

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