State of Memorial

Sky Soldiers and friends, This past May the 173rd Airborne Brigade National Memorial Foundation conducted our annual meeting and gathering here in Columbus/Fort Benning, Georgia. We meet quarterly via conference call and yearly in person to assess any issues that may arise with your Memorial.

Conducting our annual walk through inspection, we discovered some concrete discoloration in the main encirclement and a cracked sidewalk. The hot Georgia temperature, stormy rain and humidity can play havoc to concrete in the open air. Both issues are being addressed as we speak.

We are also addressing a ground water issue that has affected the column lights from time to time. This has been remedied and the surrounding lights are in the process of being converted to LED. These adjustments will shine an even more beautiful light upon our Memorial each and every night. Rest assured your memorial Foundation is committed to the long-term perpetual care of this great memorial to our fallen brothers. Sadly, if needed, we will be here to add further campaigns and names of the fallen as needed.

We will also be adding some new additions to our Facebook page. Beginning in July, we will be posting panels with as many faces to names that we have to the page on the anniversary or their death. Hopefully, we can use this media platform to connect with families of the fallen, other brothers in arms and maybe add faces to the remaining names we do not have pictures of.

The Foundation now consists of four (4) Vietnam era Sky Soldiers and five (5) Iraq/Afghanistan era Sky Soldiers. A legacy of brotherhood that makes this Foundation stay focused on our fallen and the beautiful Memorial that helps us all remember those who gave all they will ever have. We are proud to serve and remember; we are proud to be have been Sky Soldiers; and may God continue to watch over the current Sky Soldiers as they train and fight.

Rick Weik -President
173rd Airborne Brigade National Memorial Foundation