Throughout mankind’s history, when the need arose, individuals have stepped forward to safeguard objectives that warriors have obtained. Their organizations have been called various names and have assumed vastly different structures, but they served a common purpose – they are Guardians! In 2011, a group of Sky Soldiers stepped forward and formed the 173d Airborne […]

Sky Soldier Evolution

Evolution is a marvelous phenomenon that we daily see in multiple aspects of our universe. However, the products of evolution can sometimes create confusion. This is often the case with the three organizations that support Sky Soldiers and their families under the Sky Soldier umbrella. What started as a social gathering of fewer than 50 […]

State of Memorial

Sky Soldiers and friends, This past May the 173rd Airborne Brigade National Memorial Foundation conducted our annual meeting and gathering here in Columbus/Fort Benning, Georgia. We meet quarterly via conference call and yearly in person to assess any issues that may arise with your Memorial. Conducting our annual walk through inspection, we discovered some concrete […]

180411 MG Ellis Williamson Memorial Bench

MG ELLIS WILLIAMSON MEMORIAL BENCH There is another new addition to the foot print of the 173d Airborne Brigade National Memorial on the Walk of Honor of the National Infantry Foundation campus. As a result of generous contribuions from Chapters I (Sigholtz Chapter) and IX (New England Chapter) and individual Sky Soldiers in these Chapters, […]

In Memoriam

Karen K. Riester: Memorial Foundation Board of Directors, 2010 – 2018; Director of Protocol and Gold Star Coordinator. Memorial Foundation Board of Directors, 2006 – 2016 Craig D. Ford:  RTO – 1964 – 1966; Memorial Foundation Board of Directors, 2006 – 2018. Foundation Treasurer Don Dali: Combat Medic – 1964 – 1966; Memorial Foundation Board of […]

503d Infantry Regiment Marker

The Board of Directors of the 173d Airborne Brigade Memorial Foundation takes pleasure in announcing that the 503d Infantry Regiment (Airborne) marker featuring the familiar blue and while Regimental Crest now proudly stands on the National Infantry Museum’s Walk of Honor adjacent to the 173d Airborne Brigade National Memorial. The 503d Parachute Infantry Regiment was […]