Sky Soldier Evolution

Evolution is a marvelous phenomenon that we daily see in multiple aspects of our universe. However, the products of evolution can sometimes create confusion. This is often the case with the three organizations that support Sky Soldiers and their families under the Sky Soldier umbrella. What started as a social gathering of fewer than 50 […]

State of Memorial

Sky Soldiers and friends, This past May the 173rd Airborne Brigade National Memorial Foundation conducted our annual meeting and gathering here in Columbus/Fort Benning, Georgia. We meet quarterly via conference call and yearly in person to assess any issues that may arise with your Memorial. Conducting our annual walk through inspection, we discovered some concrete […]

The Brigade’s 50th Anniversary

On March 26, 1963, an experiment began that would change the lives of generations of warriors, their loved ones and our Army. It was the birth of the first, and only, separate Airborne Brigade in the United States Army. It was led by a soldier who both understood and appreciated the strategic value of a […]